Provide LED Fin Heat Sink and its supporting products since 2007.

Aluminium Heat Sink

Aluminum heatsink is the most widely used material for thermal solutions due to its low weight and excellent thermal properties.

Led lighting Kits

Wonder has a wide range of modern design, precision stamping molded and superior corrosion resistant coating finish LED Large Power Lighting housing.

Led Hardware Parts

From led Aluminum Reflector to power box, Wonder has all the accessories for your high power lighting project.If you don’t see the part you need, feel free to contact u.


Our company is a globally leading LED Fin Led heatsink supplier based in Dongguan, China. To meet the high quality demand of our customers over the world, we have established the modern LED heat sink manufacturing equipment in our stamping factory.

As an world famouse manufacturering area: LED heat sink China. We have the top quality LED heatsink R & D production line and best machine which made in Japan branding in our LED heatsink factory.

Our manufacturerd outdoor LED heatsink can be used for High Bay Light,.Bulb Lights, Tunnel Lights, Tower Lights, Underground Lights, etc.