The light sources of tunnel lighting mainly include high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps and tunnel lamps. Among them, high-pressure sodium has high light efficiency, low ultraviolet radiation, can be ignited at any location, impact resistance and long life.

It is widely used in tunnel lighting, especially in tunnels outside cities such as mountains, as well as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. Many applications have also been obtained in lighting. LED tunnel light kit is a light source that has developed rapidly in recent years. Its light efficiency and other performance indicators have rapidly increased, and prices have fallen rapidly.

Therefore, although it has been successfully applied to display and landscape lighting, it is gradually being applied to directional lighting such as road lighting. In some long tunnels, straight tube fluorescent lamps are also used to achieve high color rendering and linear illumination, and have good visual inducibility, but because of the short life of fluorescent lamps (typically only about 8,000 hours), they often need to be replaced. Increased the maintenance cost of the tunnel. In addition, the power of the fluorescent lamp is small, and areas that require higher illuminance, such as the entrance portion, the transition portion, and the exit portion cannot meet the requirements.

Intelligent dimming control: LED can be used to achieve stepless dimming, combined with the brightness of the opening can dynamically change the brightness of tunnel lighting, give full play to the technical characteristics of LED tunnel lighting, and further improve the intelligent energy saving effect of LED tunnel lights . Although there are still many difficulties and challenges in the large-scale application of LED tunnel lights, such as the imperfection of LED lighting product standards, the negative impact of certain inferior products on market promotion and the high initial cost of LED tunnel lights. These have brought pressure to the large-scale market application of LED tunnel lighting products, but these pressures are inevitably encountered in the early stage of the promotion and application of any new technology and new products.

However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, the overall system technology of LED tunnel lighting thermoelectricity has continued to mature, and people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has been further strengthened. LED technology will definitely create a new future for the semiconductor lighting industry. Tunnel lighting applications.