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The luminous principle and characteristics of led spotlights

Led spotlights are mainly illuminated by diodes, and their life span mainly depends on the solid-state LED light source and the driving heat dissipation part. Downlights are mainly used for civil lighting and engineering use. As for the light-emitting principle of led spotlights, the specifications and parameters used by civil and engineering companies, the editor […]

How to choose qualified LED underground lights

LED lights are widely used in major squares, shopping malls, streets, and public places in parks, with various colors, colorful and dazzling. With the lighting of LED lights, the aunts can dance happily in the square as they please. With the lighting of LED lights and the lighting in major shopping malls, our products are […]

Advantages of LED spotlights

When buying lamps, many families now prefer led spotlights, which are widely used, environmentally friendly, and rich in lighting effects, which can create different room atmospheres. Because LED spotlights have the applicability of indoor lighting that some other lamps can’t match or even other LED lamps can’t match, more and more offices and even homes […]

Must choose lamps suitable for the home environment

How to choose industrial and mining lamps. In the choice of industrial and mining lamps, we can choose the light source of industrial and mining lamps, which have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, pure light color, and no ghosting; however, through the integrated design of superconducting heat transfer and lamp heat […]

Analysis of 5 zinc die casting advantages

With the development of economy and the continuous optimization of zinc alloys, more and more customers choose zinc alloy die-casting products, which are often produced in high-end products. Because of their good texture and heavy weight, they are used for electroplating and baking paint, and their appearance is very atmospheric. Excellent, so it is favored […]

Advantages and disadvantages of tunnel lighting lamps

The light sources of tunnel lighting mainly include high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps and tunnel lamps. Among them, high-pressure sodium has high light efficiency, low ultraviolet radiation, can be ignited at any location, impact resistance and long life.

The Advantages of LED tunnel light kit

With the maturity of electrodeless lamp technology in recent years, electrodeless fluorescent lamps have a longer life and can achieve greater power than traditional fluorescent lamps due to the elimination of electrode factors, which makes electrodeless lamps reflected in tunnel lighting. advantage. However, the light-emitting surface of an electrodeless lamp is large, and when optical […]


Two installation methods of industrial and mining lamps

Industrial and mining lamps are mainly designed to adapt to the environmental adaptability of lamps. The three protections included are: waterproof, explosion-proof and fire protection. The lamp is mainly suitable for use in those special places. There is a lot of knowledge about LED high bay light kits. The following are the two installation methods […]