International economic situation. The correlation between the commodity market and the economic situation is obvious, especially as the world economy is becoming increasingly globalized, and the commodity market and the economy are more related. Therefore, the price of beryllium copper is closely related to the economic situation. Read more

Compared with conventional CNC titanium machining processes, the outstanding advantages of turning-milling combined machining are mainly manifested in the following aspects: Read more

1.Parts with high precision requirements


The precision requirements of precision CNC machining parts mainly refer to the precision requirements of size, shape, position and surface, and the surface precision mainly refers to the surface roughness. Read more

The existence of forging defects may affect the processing quality or processing quality of the subsequent processes, and some seriously affect the performance and use of the forgings, and even greatly reduce the service life of the finished parts and endanger safety. Read more

Nowadays, more and more beryllium copper mold materials have been used in the manufacture of plastic molds, and there is a rising trend. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let me learn about the use of beryllium copper in plastic molds with the editor, and why Read more

Introduction to the method of aluminum alloy die casting to solve casting porosity

Method to solve casting porosity

First analyze the reasons for the formation of stomata, and then take corresponding measures. Read more

What are the types of cnc parts processing and how to do a good job clamping workpiece (2)

When starting medical machining, the operator should adjust the feed speed to a very small value, execute in a single block, concentrate on positioning, dropping the tool, and inserting the tool quickly. Put the hand on the stop button and stop immediately if there is a problem, pay attention to the direction of the tool movement. To ensure safe feed, then slowly increase the feed speed to a suitable level, and at the same time add coolant or cold air to the tool and the workpiece. Read more

The diversity of CNC prototype model processing methods?

Do you know the CNC prototype model? The following Pingte precision hardware parts processors will explain to you!

With the gradual growth of the prototype industry, the manufacturing process has also been updated day by day. There are 3D printing and silica gel casting. But CNC machining is still the most common way to produce parts. At present, the common methods of CNC machining prototype models are as follows: Read more

According to the lighting function, high-power LED heat sink bar high bay lights can be divided into general lighting and partial lighting. General lighting lamps are generally evenly arranged on the upper side or side walls of the work site to illuminate the entire work surface, requiring the use of high-power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen […]

During the epidemic, primary and secondary school students across the country suspended classes and continued to study online. Faced with electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers all day, children’s eye health has become a major concern for parents. Many parents want to wear a pair of anti-blue glasses for their children. So, what […]