According to the lighting function, high-power LED heat sink bar high bay lights can be divided into general lighting and partial lighting. General lighting lamps are generally evenly arranged on the upper side or side walls of the work site to illuminate the entire work surface, requiring the use of high-power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen […]

During the epidemic, primary and secondary school students across the country suspended classes and continued to study online. Faced with electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers all day, children’s eye health has become a major concern for parents. Many parents want to wear a pair of anti-blue glasses for their children. So, what […]

The luminous principle and characteristics of led spotlights

Led spotlights are mainly illuminated by diodes, and their life span mainly depends on the solid-state LED light source and the driving heat dissipation part. Downlights are mainly used for civil lighting and engineering use. As for the light-emitting principle of led spotlights, the specifications and parameters used by civil and engineering companies, the editor will introduce below.

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How to choose qualified LED underground lights

LED lights are widely used in major squares, shopping malls, streets, and public places in parks, with various colors, colorful and dazzling.

With the lighting of LED lights, the aunts can dance happily in the square as they please. With the lighting of LED lights and the lighting in major shopping malls, our products are more eye-catching. Stand still, with LED lights The tranquility of the illuminated park is not lacking in light.

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When buying lamps, many families now prefer led spotlights, which are widely used, environmentally friendly, and rich in lighting effects, which can create different room atmospheres.

Because LED spotlights have the applicability of indoor lighting that some other lamps can’t match or even other LED lamps can’t match, more and more offices and even homes are now using LED spotlights for lighting. Installing LED spotlights, because of the concealment of the lamps, will not produce a feeling of oppression, but will produce a warm effect on the contrary. Therefore, home improvement can choose to install multiple spotlights to reduce space pressure. Read more


How to choose industrial and mining lamps. In the choice of industrial and mining lamps, we can choose the light source of industrial and mining lamps, which have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, pure light color, and no ghosting; however, through the integrated design of superconducting heat transfer and lamp heat dissipation, The heat conducts and diffuses quickly, which makes the product smaller, lighter, and better for heat dissipation. Of course, industrial and mining lamps with good heat dissipation are also more popular with customers. Read more

With the development of economy and the continuous optimization of zinc alloys, more and more customers choose zinc alloy die-casting products, which are often produced in high-end products. Because of their good texture and heavy weight, they are used for electroplating and baking paint, and their appearance is very atmospheric. Excellent, so it is favored by many buyers. Read more

Led fluorescent tube is one of the common LED lamps in life. It can be used in indoor lighting of production workshops, workbenches, offices in large factories; indoor lighting of shopping malls and supermarkets, underground parking lots, hospital indoor lighting, school classroom lighting, etc. The size of LED tube is T5 tube and T8 tube, the difference between these two LED tube is:
T5 fluorescent tube size is 16MM, and T8 fluorescent tube size is 26MM, so the diameter of T5 fluorescent tube is smaller. Read more

The lighting design of the factory is directly related to the daily production of the production workshop. If the lighting design is unreasonable, it may cause dizziness for the workers for a long time and even affect the work efficiency. Therefore, in the design process, there are a few points that must not be ignored.
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The light sources of tunnel lighting mainly include high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps and tunnel lamps. Among them, high-pressure sodium has high light efficiency, low ultraviolet radiation, can be ignited at any location, impact resistance and long life.

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With the maturity of electrodeless lamp technology in recent years, electrodeless fluorescent lamps have a longer life and can achieve greater power than traditional fluorescent lamps due to the elimination of electrode factors, which makes electrodeless lamps reflected in tunnel lighting. advantage. However, the light-emitting surface of an electrodeless lamp is large, and when optical design is performed, the light efficiency of the entire lamp is low. It can be said that the LED tunnel lamp combines various advantages of high-pressure sodium lamp, straight tube fluorescent lamp and electrodeless lamp. The LED tunnel light kit is an ideal light source for tunnel lighting applications.

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Industrial and mining lamps are mainly designed to adapt to the environmental adaptability of lamps. The three protections included are: waterproof, explosion-proof and fire protection. The lamp is mainly suitable for use in those special places. There is a lot of knowledge about LED high bay light kits. The following are the two installation methods of industrial and mining lamps and the difference between ordinary lamps.

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International economic situation. The correlation between the commodity market and the economic situation is obvious, especially as the world economy is becoming increasingly globalized, and the commodity market and the economy are more related. Therefore, the price of beryllium copper is closely related to the economic situation. Read more

In the design process of aluminum alloy die castings, many customers are uncertain about the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings, and they do not know how thin the thickness of aluminum alloy die castings can be. Read more

According to the introduction of precision CNC machining manufacturers, the large-scale CNC machining parts are made of bar materials, and the process plan of rough machining and finishing is adopted. The specific process flow is as follows: blank → rough turning → rough milling → aging → fine turning → fine milling.


CNC lathe is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. The use of CNC lathe can improve processing efficiency and create more value. The emergence of CNC lathe has made enterprises get rid of the backward processing technology. The processing technology of the lathe is similar, and the processing technology of the CNC machine tool has the characteristics that other machine tools cannot match.


Rough milling: According to the analysis of precision ODM processing manufacturers, a margin of 1.5mm is reserved on the side and bottom of the cavity, and the process hole is pre-drilled at the hole position of φ12mm. Aging: Removal of material and processing stress. Finish turning: Finish turning the end face, the outer circle and boring the process hole φ6mm. It is required to complete the clamping in one time to ensure the coaxiality and lay a good foundation for the subsequent processing. Precision milling: to ensure the final requirements of the parts, is the focus of this article.


①Rough milling cavity rough machining mainly removes large margins and lays a good foundation for subsequent finishing. Therefore, when machining the cavity, choose a low-cost common digital control CNC machining milling machine. This process requires that the inner contour is machined according to the shown part structure drawing, the arc corner is R5mm, and the remaining finishing allowance is uniform, which is 1.5mm. And this process also needs to pre-process the positioning holes required for finishing at the φ12mm hole position.


②The high-speed machining technology of precision milling cavity is a manufacturing technology that has been applied in recent years. In high-speed cutting processing, due to the small cutting force, the machining deformation of the parts can be reduced, which is more suitable for thin-walled parts, and the chips are removed in a short time, most of the laser cutting heat is taken away by the chips, and the workpiece is thermally deformed Small, it helps to ensure the accuracy of the size and shape of the parts; high-speed machining can obtain higher surface quality, and the machining cycle is greatly shortened. Therefore, in combination with the characteristics of this type of thin-walled disc parts, high-speed machining is selected when finishing the cavity.


③Introduced by the precision CNC aluminum machining manufacturer, the positioning hole is processed by the center hole φ6mm and φ12mm hole as the positioning hole for the finishing of the part, so it must be machined in place before finishing the cavity.

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Compared with conventional CNC titanium machining processes, the outstanding advantages of turning-milling combined machining are mainly manifested in the following aspects: Read more

1.Parts with high precision requirements


The precision requirements of precision CNC machining parts mainly refer to the precision requirements of size, shape, position and surface, and the surface precision mainly refers to the surface roughness. Read more

The existence of forging defects may affect the processing quality or processing quality of the subsequent processes, and some seriously affect the performance and use of the forgings, and even greatly reduce the service life of the finished parts and endanger safety. Read more

For zinc alloy die castings to be electroplated surface treatment, this link is very important. If the electroplating is not done well, all the work in the early stage will be wasted. Therefore, we must pay attention to the electroplating process of the product. Then the quality of electroplating is affected by those factors. Carbide die casting summarizes the following for you: Read more

Nowadays, more and more beryllium copper mold materials have been used in the manufacture of plastic molds, and there is a rising trend. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let me learn about the use of beryllium copper in plastic molds with the editor, and why Read more

Modify tool offset value to ensure dimensional accuracy


According to stainless steel parts machining manufacturers, when the workpiece error exceeds the workpiece tolerance due to the first tool setting error or other reasons, and the processing requirements cannot be met, the workpiece can be modified to achieve the required size by modifying the tool compensation. The method to ensure the radial size is as follows: Read more

After the CNC machine tool is produced by the manufacturer, the machine tool has been subjected to various requirements and inspections, and only after passing the inspection, can it leave the factory. Regarding medium and large CNC machine tools, because the machine tools are large in size and not convenient for transportation, they must be distinguished and transported to the user after they collapse before they can be used before they can be reassembled and debugged. As for small machine tools, the float level gauge does not need to crash the machine tool during transportation, so the installation, debugging and acceptance tasks of the machine tool are relatively simple. Read more