With the maturity of electrodeless lamp technology in recent years, electrodeless fluorescent lamps have a longer life and can achieve greater power than traditional fluorescent lamps due to the elimination of electrode factors, which makes electrodeless lamps reflected in tunnel lighting. advantage. However, the light-emitting surface of an electrodeless lamp is large, and when optical design is performed, the light efficiency of the entire lamp is low. It can be said that the LED tunnel lamp combines various advantages of high-pressure sodium lamp, straight tube fluorescent lamp and electrodeless lamp. The LED tunnel light kit is an ideal light source for tunnel lighting applications.

Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • 1) High luminous efficiency: The single-chip 1W LED tunnel light can reach a maximum of 100lm / w, and because it emits light on one side, high lighting efficiency can be achieved in the design process of the entire lighting optical system.
  • 2) Long service life: Under reasonable heat dissipation design and power driving conditions, the service life of LED tunnel lights is 50,000 to 70,000 hours. For tunnel lighting applications with 24-hour lighting, maintenance costs can be greatly reduced and the payback period can be shortened.
  • 3) Convenient light distribution: LED tunnel light source has a small light emitting size, single side light emission, and strong light directivity. Therefore, it can be easily matched with a lens or a mirror to achieve a more ideal light distribution, not only improving the entire lamp. The utilization efficiency can ensure good uniformity.
  • 4) Flexible lamp design: LED tunnel lights not only have flexible power design, but also use about 1W LED devices. The number of LED light sources can be changed according to the actual illuminance requirements to achieve the best energy saving effect, and because of the small size, the shape design of the lamp is also very flexible. It can be made into a linear lamp for better visual permeability, or it can be designed as a rectangular lamp suitable for the entrance part, transition part and exit part of higher lighting requirements.
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