Led fluorescent tube is one of the common LED lamps in life. It can be used in indoor lighting of production workshops, workbenches, offices in large factories; indoor lighting of shopping malls and supermarkets, underground parking lots, hospital indoor lighting, school classroom lighting, etc. The size of LED tube is T5 tube and T8 tube, the difference between these two LED tube is:
T5 fluorescent tube size is 16MM, and T8 fluorescent tube size is 26MM, so the diameter of T5 fluorescent tube is smaller.


T5 diameter=T*5=5/8 inch=16MM;

T8 diameter=T*8=1 inch=26MM;

Where T is the diameter code and T = 1/8 inch.
The difference in length:
The average T5 fluorescent tube is 5 cm shorter than the T8 fluorescent tube (the length is different, the interface is also different), so we need to fully consider the size of the tube when we carry out the project transformation, if the previous lamp panel is a T8 lamp panel, it is used for energy-saving transformation For LED, you can directly replace the T8 fluorescent tube. If you want to save energy by changing the T5 fluorescent tube, you need to add a conversion bracket to install it. However, please note that if you use a T5 lamp panel for energy-saving transformation, you can not replace the T8 fluorescent tube, because this can not be installed, unless the lamp panel is changed, but this cost is too high, you can only Use LEDT5 fluorescent tubes for replacement.
The difference between brightness and energy saving:
Since the diameter of T5 tube is smaller than that of T8 tube, the inert gas atoms filled by the lamp tube have a higher probability of elastic collision with electrons, and the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to the improvement of light efficiency. Since the inert gas charged is a unique inert mixed gas, it can not only better protect the cathode of the lamp tube and help the lamp tube take off, but also can appropriately reduce the inflation pressure of the lamp tube. Further increase the luminous flux output of the lamp. Therefore, although the power of the lamp is lower, the total luminous flux is not reduced, so that the light efficiency of the lamp is improved, which means that T5 is brighter than T8 and saves energy.
The difference in price:
A friend said that changing T8 fluorescent tube to T5 fluorescent tube is more energy-saving, so this needs to pay attention to two issues, one is the cost of retrofitting the tube, and the second is the price of LEDT5 fluorescent tube and LEDT8 fluorescent tube, which one Cheaper, in fact, the price is generally not much different, that is, the difference between 2-5 yuan. So we only need to check the size of the lamp panel to decide whether we use T8 fluorescent tube or T5 fluorescent tube.