Industrial and mining lamps are mainly designed to adapt to the environmental adaptability of lamps. The three protections included are: waterproof, explosion-proof and fire protection. The lamp is mainly suitable for use in those special places. There is a lot of knowledge about LED high bay light kits. The following are the two installation methods of industrial and mining lamps and the difference between ordinary lamps.

Two installation methods of industrial and mining lamps

1. Ceiling installation: According to the size of the installation hole of the lamp, you can punch the corresponding installation bolt hole at the position where the lamp needs to be installed, and then install and fix it with the bolt.

2. Suspended installation: Suspended installation is mainly used in places with high height and wide lighting range. When installing, you need to use bolts to fix the lifting adapter plate to the lamp, and then connect the cable to the lamp. The pipe threads of the lamp and the standard pipe threads can be screwed together.

The difference between industrial and mining lamps and ordinary lamps

The industrial and mining lamp is a special lighting lamp with dustproof, waterproof and anticorrosive functions, and is made of special protective materials. If you want to make this lamp, you must carry out dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment to the bulb and circuit. Ordinary conventional lights do not have these three functions, but if they are treated with dust, water and corrosion, they can also be used as LED high bay light kits. Industrial and mining lamps are mainly used in heavy industry sites. Compared with conventional lamps, industrial and mining lamps have the following advantages: anti-corrosion, dust-proof, and waterproof. Of course, these three are not only more durable than ordinary lamps, but also have other advantages. In addition, the quality requirements of industrial and mining lamps are very high. The assembly of accessories, light sources, appliances and lamps has certain high requirements.

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